The adventure of visiting the Krui area leads you far off the beaten track. Krui Surf Camps will help you find empty waves in a laid back tropical paradise; Lefts and rights, heavy slabs and long running walls. We have waves for all skill levels.  If you are looking for an adventure, Krui is the place for you.

Hotel Zandino

At the heart of is Hotel Mutiara Alam Zandino established in 1998, the longest running hotel on the West coast of Lampung. We are strategically located in the middle of the West coast, 3 kilometers south of Krui. 18 Years of experience hosting surfers allows us to cater for you exact needs.


Stay where you play! 

Hotel Zandino has partnered up with several other surf camps spread across the coast of West Sumatra, each walking distance of sick waves.   To maximize the waves you score, we can organize overnight stays at our partner camps at no additional cost.  This allows you to always stay close to the waves you prefer or the wave that will be cooking the next day! Also if you are surfing close to one of our surf camps, you can have lunch there instead of having to go all the way back to the surf camp you are booked into. Read more about the camps here.

Honey Smacks, pumping
Honey Smacks, pumping

This site provides you with all the information you need for a wave hunting expedition to Krui. But lets not mess around, go check out our local breaks here.

Jenny's Right, Sumatra
Jenny’s Right